Training Service

IT Solutions Provider by PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari

PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari began to introduce Training Service as one of our IT Solutions Provider in 2019. We start with Delphi in-house training class. We will continue to add more Training Service in the coming year

Delphi In-house Training Class

PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari started to open inhouse Delphi training class on end of 2019, the class focus on Mobile Development using Delphi, but right now, the topics on training can be requested. Read more here

QA Engineer Online Training Class

PT Interactive Cipta Lestari opens a new training class that aims to train QA to become better QA Engineers and not just software testers. Trained by QA engineers who are experienced in QA for more than 10 years and also as a software engineer who provides more benefits for QA Engineering