Embarcadero Technology

IT Solutions Provider by PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari

Embarcadero Technology is a developer tools company, they build a stunning development tools that is robust and easy to use, that is why they called Rapid Application Development Tools.

Embarcadero Technology have several products, ie :

  • Delphi
  • C++ Builder
  • RAD Studio
  • RAD Server
  • Enterprise Connectors
  • Interbase Database Server

PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari have been appointed to become the Authorized Reseller of Embarcadero Products through Code Partner Regional Sales since 2018. We are not just selling the products, but we also give supports to our customers and to Delphi Programmer Community in Indonesia.

We also improve and develop market share of the Development Tools by actively promote Delphi as the best RAD Development Tools especially with the support for mobile device development. We promote by holding more event such as Seminar, Workshop, Private Training, Training Center, and promoting Academic License to campuses to generate new Delphi Developers

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