PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari is an IT Company that provide the best, effective, and efficient solutions for companies needs. We provide many service in several area such as Custom Software Development, Original Software License, Technical Support, Data Entry Services, Network Infrastructure Consultation, and much more.

With the rapid changes of the technology updates, companies needs to struggle to survive between competition to other companies with the same business type, and with the high speed technology improvement that need to be catch up. In order to survive, companies needs to improve more on their efficiency and effective operational cost.

PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari is established to help those companies, with our services, such as Technical Support Maintenance Plan Custom Software Development, or Data Entry Service, managements can focus on it’s core business development, and leave all other task to service provider such as PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari

We plan to improve and develop more services to help companies run their business more efficient and effective.

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