Delphi Inhouse Training Class

IT Solutions Provider by PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari

PT Interaktif Cipta Lestari started to open inhouse Delphi training class on end of 2019, the class focus on Mobile Development using Delphi, but right now, the topics on training can be requested.

By default, we use interactive model for the training, ie : trainer will present a topic, explain it, and ask the trainee about the topics, so it will make sure the trainee understand the topic, and will have discussion on the topic when trainee still have a hard time to understand it.

At the end of the day, we will give the trainee a topic to be discussed on the next class and they will have to ask a question about the topic, this will push the trainee to read and get more information on the topic so they can understand it better and faster.

At the end of the training, we will conduct an assessment to get a view for the level of understanding for each of the trainee. The assessment will be in the form of a project and they will need to present the project. This will make sure they understand the training material and can actually know how to achieve the goal.

Our goal is to make sure trainee know the topics, understand what is it, understand how to do it, and the most important is to know how to search for help if they got stuck in a case